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At age 23, with my roots in Venezuela and a passion for simplifying lives, I've contributed to the creation of over 8 daily-use products. As a seasoned frontend developer for 3 years, I consistently break boundaries and adopt new technologies, driven by curiosity and a love for aesthetically pleasing, accessible web experiences.

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Carlos Reyes, Frontend Developer

Your One-Stop Solution for Frontend Development

Be it an innovative concept or an existing project requiring a rejuvenated perspective, I work intimately with you to comprehend your objectives and vision. I convert this understanding into a user-friendly interface, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a sharp eye for design.


From small business websites to large corporate portals, I work across a wide range of industries and use cases, always prioritizing a clean design and an intuitive user journey.

Web Applications

From sophisticated e-commerce platforms to streamlined internal tools, I develop web applications that are not only functional but also engaging and user-friendly, making complex processes feel simple and intuitive.

Landing Pages

Whether you're launching a new product or promoting a significant event, a well-designed landing page can make all the difference. I create responsive, visually compelling landing pages that drive conversions and enhance your brand's online presence.

Impactful Digital Experiences - The Power of Collaboration

When we combine our skills and commitment, we can craft a digital platform that not only looks appealing but also operates smoothly, leaving a lasting positive impression on users.

Radar Ciudad Caracas

Radar Ciudad Caracas

neuralgeeks engaged me to create a web application enabling citizens to report public service failures in a straightforward, intuitive manner. See the results for yourself.

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Rivka Development

Rivka Development

I was engaged to revamp their website, resulting in a contemporary, professional site that highlights their projects and services, reflecting their brand and professionalism. The site is fully responsive, SEO-optimized, and has successfully attracted new clients.

La Esquina del Código

La Esquina del Código

During my downtime, I created a blog to share my insights and experiences in web development. I aimed for a minimalist yet modern and professional look. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn new technologies and share my expertise with the community.

Endorsed by Clients and Colleagues

My dedication to creating sleek, user-friendly designs and implementing efficient, robust coding is not just acknowledged but also highly commended by both clients and colleagues. I'm eager to bring my skills and passion to your next project.

Carlos is a very committed and dedicated person in his area of work, he has helped me a lot to learn about the world of programming and web development, thanks both to his blog "La Esquina del Código" and personally, because thanks to his tutoring I have been able to advance a lot in my way to become a web developer and understand much better how the world of development works.
Alexis ClavoSoftware Development Student
I highly recommend Carlos. He was a great asset to my professional development. He is an ethical, professional, and detail-oriented individual who takes great care in his work. He has a strong understanding of the industry and is able to communicate effectively with both clients and colleagues. I would give him a 15/10 rating.
Jose CortezSoftware Developer
Carlos is an exceptional frontend developer. His code is clean and efficient, standing out for his attention to detail and commitment to very good programming practices. In addition to his technical skills, he demonstrates a proactive and collaborative attitude, being a valuable asset to any development team. His ability to translate design concepts into intuitive interfaces has raised the quality of our projects remarkably.
Kathereen GonzalezQA Analyst at Rivka Development
I worked with Carlos on several projects and he impressed me with his expertise in Frontend development. He has a great knowledge of the latest technologies, and is very skilled in web development and user experience optimization. I would recommend Carlos to any team and would love to work with him again.
Leonardo CabreraCFO at neuralgeeks
I am pleased to recommend Carlos as a frontend web developer. I had the pleasure of working with Carlos on several projects, and was continually impressed by his technical expertise, creativity and attention to detail.
Juan NuñezSoftware Engineer at neuralgeeks
Carlos is a developer with a passion for details and good quality. He redesigned our website on Academia Web and created multiple posts for our tech blog. His job was pretty amazing and I recommend him for hire to be part of a team looking for a passionate developer.
Cesar ColinaSoftware Engineer II at ShutterStock
I am impressed by Carlos' ability to learn and adapt to different scenarios and projects. He is attentive, a good listener and learns from every second he works. I have no doubt that he is one of the best front-end developers that I have ever seen.
Gabriel NoyaCEO at neuralgeeks

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